September 24, 2016


Social Events Corporate Events
Fifteen Birthdays Banquets
Sweet Sixteen’s Cocktails/Receptions
Weddings Business Breakfasts
Birthdays Business Lunches
Baby Showers Dinners/Dances
Graduations Seminars
Communions Meetings & Conferences
Baptisms Christmas/New Year
Bat Mitzvah
Bridal Showers
Surprise Parties
Christmas Parties
Crazy Hours

Corporate Events

Corporate packages offer them directly to those interested in our offices, since they depend on the type of event, number of people and having customers in terms of mounting or presentation. In salon exclusive Venetian Banquet Hall provide it facility, space, qualified staff and all what you need to carry out in record time or planned meetings, cocktails, simple banquet facilities and luxury, breakfast, lunch and both family and business dinners, meetings and conferences social, religious, medical, as well as of the end of Christmas and end of year, among others.

Are trained to meet them and meet with their requirements, as have with availability of space in them facilities, immediacy and responsibility for decorate, make mounts type Auditorium, cocktails, buffet, mount presidium, prepare Protocol institutional and custom, between others.

One of our main premise is that we adapt the resources according to their possibilities, assuring that your event will be a great success.